Fuerza North America FZNA²



Strong, Strength, Power; are unified into one significant word, FUERZA

Fuerza is an innovative national sportswear & outerwear brand that is well known in Asia and Europe for over 15 years.

Along with acknowledgements from professional athletes to various leagues and association, Fuerza guarantees the highest quality and design. Joint-operations and collaborations with other international brand names like Diadora and Umbro, Fuerza can offer very competitive pricing along with delivering the utmost quality which is proven by our brand name. As the main supporter, Fuerza has actively participated in various National events such as the Olympic Games, Asian games and Universiade. Fuerza continues to maintain its prestigious brand image as the leading Sportswear & Outerwear Company by sponsoring many professional teams.

Furthermore, with the long awaited launch of Fuerza branching into North America, we can guarantee your overall satisfaction with our products as much as we have in other countries worldwide.